Best Decision of My Life! Carolyn was a Godsend for me and my son. I had previously hired a much less expensive attorney and it was a disaster (completely unprepared and uneducated, etc.). At any rate, Carolyn took over in the middle of my case and got it back on track. She filed all the necessary paperwork in a very timely manner, and after cleaning up after my previous attorney, sat down with me for a very honest and realistic outline of what I could expect out of my case. She gave me realistic expectations based on my situation and all that had occurred and was able to work with my ex’s attorney to avoid mediation and going to court altogether. She and her assistant were always very prompt with their responses and answered my phone calls and/or emails within 24 hours most of the time. She was always understanding of my feelings, but wasn’t afraid to advise me in a way that would ensure I got as much as I could and kept me grounded with my expectations. Carolyn’s knowledge and experience are evident in everything she says about every question I’ve ever had and she will steer you in the right direction. While Carolyn was much more expensive than my previous attorney, she is worth every penny and (although I hope I don’t have to) I would definitely use her in the future and refer her to anyone in need of assistance with family law matters.