Adoptions can be emotional as well as very satisfying for the entire family. Carolyn Collins represents clients in adult adoptions, stepparent adoptions and relative adoptions, such as an adoption by a grandparent.

Stepparent adoptions ensure the stepparent is recognized by law as a legal parent. Before a child can be adopted through a stepparent adoption, a biological parent’s rights must be terminated, unless the biological parent is deceased.

A relative adoption, such as a grandparent adoption, may only take place if both biological parents’ parental rights have been terminated or the biological parents are deceased.

Once an adoption is complete, the legal relationship between the adoptive parent and the child is the same as that between a biological parent and a child, including the right to inherit from each other. An amended birth certificate will be issued for the child once the adoption process is completed to show the adoptive parent as the child’s parent.

Adult adoptions are often filed to ensure inheritance rights between two adult parties or may be filed to confirm a familial relationship such as might exist between an adult who was in foster care as a child and the foster parent who they lived with as a child.

Carolyn Collins understands that an adoption is one of the most important legal actions that will ever take place in the life of you and your family and will make sure that all legal requirements are taken care of so that you may relax throughout the process.

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